Support in Project Exits

Project Exit
Off-plan investments with considerable discounts, exclusive bulk deals and equity participation in a newly-built scheme are all available to Oracle Welbeck Partners clients. Strong relationships with developers large and small, agents and investment funds allows Oracle Welbeck Partners to provide its clients with a strong negotiating position, thus giving them access to deals not available on the open market. Every deal will be appraised by our experts so the client has a full understanding of its value and how they can exit it whilst securing a healthy profit either via discounts or planning enhancement.
Oracle Welbeck Partners can provide the full spectrum of services to the investor, from sourcing and acquisition of the land plot or existing building to be refurbished, to gaining planning permission or extending an existing permission to add more value. We can advise on the mix of apartments for a particular client, off-plan sales, marketing, lettings, or exhibition sales abroad. Oracle Welbeck Partners will take care of both entry and exit; and if the client wishes to buy and hold, our team can manage this for them, too.

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