Our Services

Project Management

Our wide network of contacts and clients allows us to find unique investment projects both on- and off-market. Furthermore, for both refurbishment and new-build schemes Oracle Welbeck Partners will go through the entire investment cycle with the client, from sourcing to surveying: gaining planning permission; overseeing construction; and ultimately exiting the investment.

Fund Raising

Our network also helps us to obtain the necessary funds for the client to execute the development. Oracle Welbeck Partners can introduce their clients to banks, funds and individuals who can finance both the purchase of the site and the construction of the project.

Construction can also be financed partly by off-plan sales both in the domestic and foreign markets. Oracle Welbeck Partners will advise on the right strategy market and agent to use for each particular project.

Joint Ventures

We can help you find the optimal JV structure as well as the right partner for your JV. One of the most effective ways to invest is to share both your risk and your profits with an experienced local partner; and Oracle Welbeck Partners can introduce the client to that partner and manage the relationship on your behalf.

Both companies and individual investors can enter a joint venture either as an investor or a landowner. Oracle Welbeck Partners can help you save time; provide the necessary expertise; and introduce the client to a broad range of potential joint venture partners, all the while keeping you informed of new market developments, trends and opportunities.

Facilitation in Development
and Land Acquisition

Our Partners have a unique blend of experience in sourcing, valuing, acquiring and disposing of development projects and land across the UK. We can devise a very capital-effective strategy of acquisition through options and delayed payment plans, and make this subject to planning deals.

Our network of experts can help you enhance the value of your project or land by gaining or extending existing planning permissions; and Oracle Welbeck Partners can help you dispose of your asset, thereby securing a healthy profit margin. Or, if the client so wishes, we can advise on the full development cycle.

Support in Project Exits

Off-plan investments with considerable discounts, exclusive bulk deals and equity participation in a newly-built scheme are all available to Oracle Welbeck Partners clients. Strong relationships with developers large and small, agents and investment funds allows our firm to provide its clients with a strong negotiating position, thus giving them access to deals not available on the open market. Every deal will be appraised by our experts so the client has a full understanding of its value and how they can exit it whilst securing a healthy profit either via discounts or planning enhancement.

Oracle Welbeck Partners can provide the full spectrum of services to the investor, from sourcing and acquisition of the land plot or existing building to be refurbished, to gaining planning permission or extending an existing permission to add more value. We can advise on the mix of apartments for a particular client, off-plan sales, marketing, lettings, or exhibition sales abroad. Oracle Welbeck Partners will take care of both entry and exit; and if the client wishes to buy and hold, our team can manage this for them, too.

Deal Structuring and Coordination

We provide full cycle support from deal origination and structuring to its coordination and closing. In particular, we will able to consult on the best structure of the private equity portfolio taking into account macro and micro economic dynamics, risk diversification, project location and required return on capital.

We will also help to identify an appropriate party (would it be a developer or a funder) and coordinate on your behalf all the legal and technical formalities. We always cooperate with parties will have the right “fit” for the project in terms of experience and risk profile of the portfolio.

Monitoring and Reporting

We have considerable experience in monitoring and reporting to international stakeholders on various private equity projects across London. Our approach is “hands on” which means that one of our representatives will personally attend the key meetings with developers, contractors, funders, architects, designers, planning consultants and sales/marketing agencies.

We will try everything possible to make sure that the project programme is not delayed and that it is checked against every set milestone.

Reporting to project stakeholders will involve a monthly meeting and a report on the progress combined with interim updates on the project. Should any issues arise during the construction and development phases, we will try to notify the stakeholders and mitigate potential risks as soon as possible.